Thursday, April 12, 2012


Christopher had to work again this year so I loaded up the girls and headed to my parents for the weekend.  They left early Thursday morning for South Carolina to spend time with Grandma Rood and we missed them very much!  Stephanie's clan has been sick so they weren't able to join us :-(  Friday we went to Potters Park Zoo!

Saturday we went to the "farm" and spent some time with Great Grandma Schwab and even got to see some of our cousins too!

Sunday we made lunch at Mom & Dad's and took naps and had a great time playing outside too!

Both girls were sound asleep by the time that Nana & Papa got home from Mema's but when they heard Papa's voice . . they BOTH woke up to get some lovin!

We headed back home in the morning and our hour and a half drive turned into 3 hours and 47 minutes due to construction but they slept most of the way so I just turned u my music and enjoyed the sunshine!  When we got home, it was "egg" time with Daddy!

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