Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been a tough few days/weeks!

Sorry for the lack of posting/updates but I have had a hard few days weeks!  Life changes quickly when your baby decides that she doesn't need to sleep all night long anymore!  I guess we just got spoiled when she started sleeping all night long at just a few weeks old.  I am not sure if it is teething or a growth spurt or just a combination of both but she has decided that she will wake every 3 to 4 hours and if you know me at all . . . you know that Mamma needs sleep like a human needs air!  We are getting back on track since she started eating some fruit, veges and a little meat too AND we found that she loves to sleep on her tummy!  I have a TON of pictures to post and will get to that as soon as I get this house cleaned and babies fed.  I hope life is amazing!  Sorry if I was complaining but really, I was just stating the facts ;-)

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