Sunday, November 7, 2010

Children's Hospital

I am starting my Christmas project early this year and need your help! I am going to be making standard size pillowcases (21x32) for the kids that are patients at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Our daughter was a patient there when she had surgery to remove her Pulmonary Sequestration and that is where we stayed for many long days so my heart aches for the kids that will spend Christmas at the hospital. I am working with another Mom to help make Christmas special for the kids and their families that will not be home for Christmas.

If you aren't able to make a pillowcase, we are also putting together gift bags for the kids. Some people/stores have donated a wide variety of items but when considering donations, please remember that these kids are from newborn to 18 years old. We are also collecting gift card ($5, $10, $20) of ANY type that will be given to the patients and their families. I have added a PayPal button on my page for those of you who would like to donate money towards fabric supplies and gift cards.  If you have never had a child/relative in the hospital then I can't begin to tell you how difficult it is for the family. Anything we can do to help put a smile on a face and warm a heart!

This begins TODAY and I would like to deliver everything no later than December 15th!

Please contact me if you need more information and feel free to help me spread the word!

Pillowcase Drive
1450 Hampton Road
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
c/o Kimberly Anderson

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