Friday, April 16, 2010

Surgery Day!

2:21 pm

We are all settled into her room at Children's and she is doing ok.  Surgery went really well but she just isn't the happiest little girl on earth.  Probably waking up in a weird place, sore throat from the tube during surgery, morphine, a drain tube in her side and not enough food . . . I can't blame her AT ALL!  Will keep you posted as the day goes on and our nurse is letting us BOTH stay the night with her!!!!

11:07 am
Dr just came in and told us that he got ALL of her mass out!  He showed us some pictures that he took . . AMAZING and he got everything out with just 3 tiny scope holes.  She has a drain tube in for the night and hope to see her VERY SOON!

9:25 am
Sitting at Children's Hospital with Nana, Papa, Grandma & Grandpa waiting for Isabell to get out of surgery.  She went in at 9:11 and he said it would take an hour or so . . . not sure exactly what he is doing right now because he told us that he wasn't going to stop surgery to update us so we just pray!

Will upload pictures once we get into her room!

- Christopher & Kimberly -

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