Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday we traveled to Children's Hospital to meet with Isabell's surgeon to discuss her CT Scan and to talk about scheduling surgery.  He said "we will do it tomorrow" . . . NO WAY!  I wasn't ready for that AT ALL and I know that Christopher isn't either.  We talk about her surgery but haven't talked in depth about it yet but since we now only have a few short days to prepare ourselves, I guess we should get out the drawing board. 

Isabell has what is called a Pulmonary Sequestration that is on (extrapulmonary) or in (intrapulmonary) her left lung, we aren't sure yet.  If it is on her lung then he will put 3 scope holes under her left arm (armpit area) to cut off the blood supply from her heart and to remove this mass.  If he finds that it is in her lung then he will connect those 3 scope holes and make an incision because he will have to cut into her lung.  We won't know which procedure will take place until he actually see's the mass with his own eyes because it wasn't clear enough on the scan.  Here is Isabell with her surgeon Dr. Scott Langenburg
He is the best of the best and we really like him!  We will be heading down to Children's in a few days and we will be there for at least one night.  I have already started with the sleepless nights and don't want to put her down if I don't have to, I know that this isn't going to be easy on any of us but we know that God has been our #1 protector throughout this journey and he will continue to guide, protect and heal!

Isabell will now have matching scars with 2 other miracles in our life, Aunt Tina and cousin Dawson, same side, same spot!

Her surgery will be performed exactly one week shy of a year from the date that we first found out about this mass

This has been a very weird  life changing year for our family.  Deployment, first born child arrives with Daddy watching via Skype, NICU, shots, shots and more shots, many holidays without Daddy but then he came home and life has never been so amazing for our family.  Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers.  Please continue to pray!!!!!

Will keep the updates rolling!

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j said...

Praying for Isabel and your family today! Much love!