Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post Surgery Update!

We are sitting in Isabell's room at Children's Hospital, doing the best we can.  So hard not being able to hold her since she has a drain tube coming out of her left side, can't cuddle her close to comfort her when they can't seem to get her pain under control, that breaks our hearts!  Her doctors say that she did really well with surgery and gave us some pictures so we can see the ugly mass with our own eyes and it is much bigger than we thought and UGLY but it's gone! 

She sat up for a few minutes today but then her drugs kicked in and she started staring at her balloons and I wish we knew what she was thinking because it seemed like forever that she didn't even blink then she just laid back and closed her eyes, but only for a few minutes.  She keeps waking up to make sure we didn't leave her alone but I think that's because she heard us talking to her nurse about all of the kids that are alone here, no friends, no parents.  I can't count the times that I look in the hall and see a little one, barely walking, holding the hand of a nurse that is making her rounds checking on her patients because they are lonely because NO ONE is here for them.  Heart wrenching.

No one wants to see their children in pain, that's for sure but we are so very thankful that she is healthy.  This mass was quite a hurdle to jump across but now it is gone so we move forward and continue to be thankful!


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Charity said...

Praying for you all!