Saturday, April 17, 2010

Room 505

Room 505 - Oh how I hate just don't like you anymore!

We are still here with Isabell!  We expected to already be at home by now but had a little set back so will be here for a few more days.  She has a drain tube in her left side (it's about even with her elbow) and the amount of fluid draining from her tiny body is more than what they want to see so they aren't going to remove the tube yet.  She sat up today a few times and stood up and jumped for awhile too, this was all after her morphine was kicked in full gear but she just didn't want to lay still anymore.  She is such an active baby so all this chillin is driving her crazy!  Both her and Daddy are snoring like bears and I hope that they keep on top of her pain control so she can be nice and comfortable until her tube is removed. 

Chris stepped out for awhile today, which we BOTH needed!  It's been so hard on both of us, not being able to hold her, to comfort her, to make things all better.  That is our job but we have to let the nurses to their job and we have had to step back and just watch . . not an easy task for one second!  Superman can only fix so much!

God has his powerful hand on her, healing her wounds and calming her tiny, water retained, sick of laying here body!  We try to be as patient as possible and PRAY!

Sleeping so peacefully
Getting her pain meds
The first time I got to hold her and I didn't want to let her go
Hanging out with Papa
Sitting up like a big girl . . thanks to morphine!
Hard telling what she was actually seeing since she was in la la land and her eyes are trying so hard to focus
high as a kite but being such a good girl
Singing a song for Daddy
Thanking Grandpa for the new friend they brought her

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