Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We received a phone call Sunday night that no one expected!  One of our very dear friends had been in an accident and we were told to go to the hospital right away!    I called our neighbor to come sit with the girls and we were off!  When I arrived (shortly after Chris) I knew that I was going to hear bad news!  My stomach ached and my heart was beating a mile a minute!  Pat didn't survive and is now dancing in heaven!  He left behind a beautiful wife and 5 kids and they need all the prayers they can get!  I spent the day with them, playing with the kids, taking notes and answering the phone.  I couldn't fix this...I couldn't, and this is hard!  The pain and suffering they are experiencing is something I just can't put into words!  So please join me in prayer for Jennifer, Michael, Kayti, Marissa, Lily and Patrick Jr (Bubba)


Amanda Schrieber said...

that is so heartbreaking...i just can't even imagine. praying for this family, and all his friends and loved ones who are grieving and hurting over such a tragic loss.

Anonymous said...

Praying God gives her strength to know he is w them all and watching over them. more than I can imagine or put into words what they are going thru. praying for the strength of family & friends to do all they can for jenn & kids.

Karren said...

Praying for his family and friends!