Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project # 345,873

and so it begins AGAIN!  My husband LOVES to work on the house, for real, he doesn't roll his eyes when I ask him to go to Lowe's.  He has such a creative eye and makes his lists then gets to work and won't stop until it is done.  He is working on the spare room downstairs!  The paneling is far from beautiful so we he is painting it.  He thought about removing it but when he did it in the family room, it was a TON of messy work.  If this was a room that we used all the time then we would have taken it out for sure but a little paint and the room already looks different.  He added on to the  closet so now it has "Daddy's special do NOT touch" stuff in it!
fresh coat of paint and new heat registers
2 coats of primer later!
out with the old, in with the new!
the flooring hasn't been picked out yet but this is what it looks like now!  They clued pad onto tile!  THAT will be fun to remove!
1:30 am and I couldn't keep my eyes open for one moment longer but he was working away.  He is now cutting trim and getting ready to paint!  Will keep the updates rolling!  Downstairs bathroom is next . . should have bought stock in Lowe's!

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