Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

As I write this, BOTH girls are taking a nap and Christopher is at work . . the house is quiet, almost too quiet and I have caught up on tons of emails and texts.  Some days I miss adult life, working outside of the home, conversations with anyone older than 3 1/2 but I wouldn't trade this job for NOTHIN!  Time is flying by so fast and it makes me so very thankful that I am able to soak up this time with the girls.  Are there days where I feel like I may go crazy?  ABSOLUTELY!  Christopher is kind enough to let me get out of the house for meetings, shopping and Mommy time.  Sometimes it takes me HOURS to run a few errands that normally wouldn't take that long but he and I both know that I take that time to breathe, to keep my brain clear!  I always wanted to be a stay at home Mommy and he has allowed my dreams to continue coming true.  Do we wish we had more money in the bank?  YA...but nothing will replace this time with the girls.  I wish that more people would stop and see what is growing up right in front of them.  Working too much to pay bills that aren't needed.  Dropping off the kids a little to much to babysitters/family/friends to go party!    Missing out on family time and making memories!  For what?  
That's all folks!
If you had to stop and reread what I wrote or it made your heart stop . . maybe I am speaking to you!  Think about it! 

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