Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Bash!

Woke up Saturday morning and it was cold and rainy out so this Mamma was a bit nervous about their party but the sun came out and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Many friends and family drove hours to celebrate our girls birthday's and we can't thank you enough for being here.  My heart hurt for the few that we thought would come but it is what it is.  Isabell helped create the menu and she ate like a champ!  I could tell that Emma wasn't feeling too well the night before so knew I could be in for a long day but she did pretty good considering she is trying to push some teeth through and her throat was sore :-(
I took too many pictures (like normal) so here are a few:
THANK YOU all who attended and smothered my girls with hugs, kisses and gifts!  I am also very thankful that we get to throw one big party a year (and so is Daddy)

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