Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little of this and a little of that!

I tend to take too many pictures but not only with my camera!  If I don't have it around my neck then I take them with my cell phone . . here are a few!
*wearing Livvy-Lou's old robe*
*talking to the neighborhood dogs* 
*Early morning play time* 
*they BOTH love to color* 
*someone wasn't feeling too hot* 
*So excited* 
*she IS crazy* 
*slumber party in the basement* 
*chillin in the rain with her new umbrella* 
*my tummy sleeper* 
*birthday hugs from Daddy* 
*another one of the times that she was too big for a nap* 
*dirty baby* 
*chalk in the rain makes awesome paint* 
*Emma's rash! Thankful it wasn't itchy* 
*craft time* 
*just like her Daddy* 
*pretty baby* 
*she said she felt yucky* 
*screaming at the TOP of her lungs and thought it was funny* 
*singing one second then out the next* 
*her new bike* 
*playing with her new Star Wars Bomber* 
*I asked her where her nose is* 
*yet another time she wasn't tired* 
*so clean* 
*loving her new ballerina outfit* 
*this child will sleep anywhere, just like her Pepa* 


Anonymous said...

Kim. Your girls are beyond beautiful!!! I live looking at ALL your pictures!!

Kimberly Anderson said...

Thank you so much!