Wednesday, April 25, 2012

127th Wing Ball

My amazing parents came for the weekend so we could attend the Air Force Wing Ball!  This was the first ball I was attending as a civilian so getting all dressed up was so much fun for me!  We kissed the girls goodnight and headed out to spend some time with friends and have a good time.  We had not been out together without the girls so of course I thought about them a lot but knew they were having a great time with Nana and Papa!

We enjoyed our time together, making new friends and catching up for lost time with old relationships too!  Can't say we had a "blast" at the ball but we did make the best of it!  Felt like a million bucks and really needed the quality time with my lover too!!

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Andi said...

You two look great and to see the happiness and love and respect you have for each other is awesome:)