Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life is good . . . God is good!

Both girls are sleeping so I figured I should take this time to write a little update!  Isabell has a cold (again) so we have been sticking close to home, relaxing in our jammies, covered in vicks!  We started working on our alphabet and she is picking things up rather quickly, it's so much fun to teach her new things, she is such a sponge!  She loves to watch football with Daddy and anytime she sees football on tv she yells "TOUCHDOWN! DETROIT LIONS" with her hands in the air!  If ANY type of music is on she is dancing away and if it is a slow song then she grabs her Daddy's hands and says "Dance Daddy"  I know I married a tough bulldog but these girls turn him into a teddy bear!

Emma is finally realizing that we sleep when it's dark and play when it's bright, that makes Mommy VERY happy!  She is a happy baby and loves to smile and talk all the time . . . trying to keep up with the rest of us!  She doesn't like to be in a room alone but we are still working on that!  It seems like she is growing so much faster than Isabell did, sometimes I am afraid to blink!

We ordered the last of the carpet tiles for the basement so we are soooo close to having that project completed and it will be so nice to have a family room!  We have been doing some major purging of things and it's nice to get rid of the unnecessary things that we had forgotten about.  Don't use it, don't need it!

I hope you are all taking time out of your busy days to enjoy life, hug your children too much, tell them you love them too many times a day, make memories and remember to thank God daily for your blessings!  We have one chance at this life . . . . live it up!

* here are a few random pictures for you to enjoy *

Making cookies for Daddy
She loves to color
Working on staying within the lines
Telling Daddy all about her busy day!

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