Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1 Month Old!

Emma is such a good baby!  She started smiling a few days ago when we talk or sing to her and she is cooing also . . already?  Her night's and day's were mixed up the first few weeks but they are getting better.  She is still in newborn clothes, but not much longer though.  Wearing size 1 diapers and knows how to fill them nicely!  Mommy learned that I can't eat salsa (wasn't even spicy) because she had a tummy ache for HOURS AND HOURS!  She LOVES to nap on her belly and LOVES her bath's too!  Isabell is doing very good with her,  she talks to her and touches her head and plays with her hair!  Wishing time would slow down a little but enjoying every second because I know she will be walking before I know it!

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