Monday, June 20, 2011

Somebody feels YUCKY!

Isabell has never really been this sick before so I was a little worried, ok, a lot worried!  The night before last she had a horrible cough and fever but we kept a close eye on her and gave her some extra lovin to try to make her feel better.  When she woke up yesterday, her cough had become VERY deep and dry, kept spiking a temp and then when she started vomiting, I knew I had to take her in.  Chris was at work so I had to tough it out and take her to be checked out!  The minute I put her in the truck, she started SCREAMING and didn't stop for a few hours.  My heart broke into a million tiny pieces and kept breaking for the next few hours!  Because of her age and the fact she was not a happy camper, they had to take a rectal temperature = NO FUN!  They needed a urine sample so in went a catheter = NO FUN!  They tested for RSV by squirting saline up her nose and sucking it out = NO FUN!  They needed a chest xray and Mommy couldn't hold her because I'm pregnant so it took 5 nurses to hold her still = NO FUN!  It took me forever to calm her down but once they gave her some Motrin, she calmed down and wanted to be close, very close to Mommy = FUN!  After a few more hours of waiting, they came in and told me that she had an ear infection and her ear was draining into her throat causing the cough, everything else looked fine!  We got our prescription for Amoxicilin and headed home, just in time to meet Daddy with his Father's Day surprise!

It took her awhile to calm down for bedtime last night so I went in to rub her back and started singing "Amazing Grace" and her eyes became heavy and finally fell into a deep sleep!  I couldn't even make it through the first verse without crying. My heart was so full!  I was very thankful that she was ok, an ear infection is NOTHING compared to what some of our friends are facing with their children! 



j said...

Hoping she feels better soon. Berlyn's latest trip to the hospital was triggered from an ear infection too...and she (and mama) had to endure all of that "yucky" stuff as well (IV, chest x-rays, catheter, rectal temp...). Definitely not a fun experience. Glad she's on meds, at home, and on the mend. Prayers your way!

Karen said...

Just read your post. So sorry to hear little June Bug wasn't feeling well. Glad to hear it was something easily remedied. Give her hugs from Aunt Karen.