Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not complaining, just stating the facts . . .

hello world . . we are still rocking it out in the Anderson household!  I have been battling the wonderful morning sickness 24 hours a day for the past ohhhhhhh 10 weeks give or take a day or two along with a sinus infection and migraines too so you will have to excuse my lack of blogging!  My husband has been doing a fantastic job picking up the pieces that I haven't been able to do.  We have had quite a few doctors appointments and have seen our little one 3 times so far and our last ultrasound was 3d so we watched the baby dance around and even waved at us.  I will upload the pictures within the next few days. 

When we first talked about having another baby, I really wanted to get pregnant around the same time that we did with Isabell because I loved being pregnant in the summer and looks like we are only a few days off . . baby #2 is due September 12th and Isabell was due on September 11th but arrived on the 7th! 

I am not going to be "Debbie Downer" about the lack of energy and illness because that's just part of the game for some women but I am going to remain thankful and will continue to praise God for yet another blessing in our lives!  I will also try my best to keep this blog rolling with updates!!     P R O M I S E!


Mrs. B said...

CONGRATS!!!! *SO* excited for you!!!

Wendy said...

Congrats! How exciting. Wishing you the best and hopefully you will start feeling better soon.