Friday, December 24, 2010


We found this really cool sled for Isabell and we were just waiting for the perfect day to try it out.  We got her all bundled up, headed outside, put on her seat belt and the second that Christopher started pulling her she was laughing so hard!
She wasn't too steady walking in the snow!

Can't wait to spend more time with her outside!  We had a wonderful day!


peachykeenish said...

Where did you find that sled! I love it!

Mrs. A said...

Target! I think it was $15 but so worth it, don't have to worry about her falling out!

Karen said...

That sled looks perfect. Can't tell you how many times our kids fell out the back of their sled/saucer! haha Adorable snowsuit Isabell has on. LOVE the picture of the three of you.