Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Santa . . .

NO, I do not believe in Santa but we had to leave him cookies since he was up really late wrapping presents!
The cow says "MOOOOO"
Rocking her baby saying "shhhhh" as she pats her back!
So excited to get a bucket full of animals!
Checking out her new DVD player from Great Grandma!
She LOVES books!
We talked a lot about Christmas and not getting carried away with gifts.  I already had my list but I knew "I" wasn't going to be the one adding to the list!  It was his first Christmas here with Isabell and he wanted it to be special for her.  She didn't get anything that she didn't need.  A girl NEEDS a new baby, NEEDS new books, NEEDS new jammies, NEEDS a new kitchen, NEEDS a Buzz Lightyear . . . whatever makes him happy! She was very happy and even said "THANK YOU"

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