Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dog Lover!

The day I brought Isabell home from the hospital we took a walk to visit some neighbors.  Our dear friends have a boxer (Sky) and I walked right up to her.  Sky could smell the baby since she was wrapped up tightly in my Moby Wrap but she couldn't see her so she just barked and barked!  Now, if Isabell see's a dog or even hears one, she goes crazy!  We have been talking about getting a dog for awhile but we are going to wait until she is a little older.  She barks . . . my our daughter that is and I know she will just love having a dog.  For now, we just play with Grandpa & Grandma's puppy Maxine and Nana and Papa's dog Max!

She was telling Max all sorts of stories and wanted to go outside and play with him!

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TrinaMae said...

Our dog was a puppy until the day Owen came home. He is so protective of that boy. He know instintively what he can and cannot do with Owen. It's amazing and a great friendship!