Friday, September 17, 2010

12 Month Check-Up

I don't do well at her appointments, so I take charge of the camera and Daddy does the hard work.  He was telling her that everything is going to be ok.
Making sure she didn't have a high temp.
She weights 22 pounds 5 ounces
Poking her finger to do the lead test, HORRIBLE test for babies!
Then she had 1 shot for her TB test!
We do what we can to protect our baby even though it just kills me to see her unhappy and in pain but it only lasted just a few moments and she was fine.  We go back on Tuesday for 4 more shots that she couldn't have at this appointment due to her having a runny nose but Daddy won't be here for this one so it's just Mommy . . . . NO FUN!


Mrs. B said...

We had our 1 yr appt today too! We did not have to do the lead test, but she did have all five shots and they were NOT fun! So good luck to you!

Mrs. A said...

thanks! Can you believe they are ALREADY 1?