Saturday, May 1, 2010

Children's Hospital!

Spending a few days at Children's Hospital, we noticed a HUGE need for toys, games, movies and craft supplies for the children. If you would like to donate, please see their requested list below!

This message is from the hospital: Play is a child’s language. It allows children to express how they are feeling, escape from daily stresses, and socialize with others who may be experiencing similar situations. Developmentally appropriate toys and games are essential to providing children with opportunities for play in the hospital. They serve an important therapeutic function by bringing a sense of joy and normalcy into the life of a sick child.

Hospital staff carefully selects games and toys for patients throughout the year. Individuals
or groups can help by following these recommendations when donating toys.

o Fisher Price Aquarium
o Playschool Busy Pop Ups
o Fisher Price Fun Links Gym
o Lights & Sounds Interactive toys
o Mobiles (no cloth pieces)
o Infant Mirrors
o Push & Pull Toys
o Leapfrog Dreamscapes Soother
o Play Telephones
o Fisher Price Peek-a-Boo Blocks
o Rattles & Squeeze Toys
o Activity Centers
o Crib Gyms
o Musical Stacker's & Toy Sorters
o DUPLO Blocks
o Fisher Price Doctor Play Kits
o Hot Wheels Cars & Play Sets
o View Masters & Slides
o Play-Doh & Accessories
o CD players & learning CD’s
o Games: Memory, My First UNO, Sequence for Kids, etc.
o Lights & Sounds Interactive Toys
o Fisher Price Little People & Play Sets
o Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Action Figures
o Musical Toys/Rain sticks
o CD players & CD’s (edited versions)
o Headphones
o DVD’s (rated G, PG & PG-13)
o New Sports/Teen Magazines
o Games – Life, Monopoly, UNO Attack, Skip-Bo, Battleship, etc.
o Hand-held Video Games: 20 Questions, Battleship, Connect 4, Tetris, etc.
o Bead/Jewelry Kits
o Model/Science Kits
o Sketch Pads & Art Supplies
o Craft Kits
o Scrapbook Supplies
o Nail & Hair Care Items
o Word Searches/Sudoku Books
o Hand-held Video Games: Yahtzee, UNO, Simon, Connect Four
o Magna Doodle
o Puzzles
o LEGO Sets
o Action Figures
o Barbie/Bratz Dolls and Clothes
o Games: UNO, UNO Spin, UNO Attack, Sorry, Guess Who, Trouble, Connect Four, Monopoly Jr., etc.
o Disposable Cameras
o Bubbles
o Nerf Basketballs
o Journals & Gel Pens
o School Supplies
o Stickers
o Crayola Crayons, Markers,Colored Pencils
o Personal CD Players & Headphones
o CD’s (edited versions)
o Small Radio/CD players
o DVD’s (rated G, PG, & PG-13)
o “I Spy” or “Look and Find” Books
o Craft Kits
o Jewelry, Beads, Sand Art, Crayola Art Sets
o Character/Children’s Band-Aids (LATEX FREE ONLY)

• SAFETY is the most important consideration when selecting toys.
• NO USED ITEMS PLEASE. We only accept NEW toys, games, books, and stuffed animals.
• Because some of our patients have acute illnesses, donors are not allowed to personally distribute gifts directly to patients.
• Violent games and books, toy guns, swords and projectile toys are not accepted.
• Please refrain from donating candy, food, or religious materials.
• Please avoid dollar store items because of recent safety recalls.
• Please DO NOT wrap gifts.
• Because some children are sensitive to natural rubber latex, please: buy only specific name brands whenever possible.
o Do not donate items known to contain natural rubber latex including, but not limited to, rubber balloons, Koosh balls, rubber stamps, rubber balls, rubber erasers, etc.
o Only mylar balloons and vinyl items are permitted.

If you would like to send your donation directly to the hospital, I have listed the address below or you can just get in touch with us and we can deliver it for you!

Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Development Office – PDM
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, MI 48201-2196

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