Monday, December 7, 2009

Pictures from 6,247 miles away!

So very thankful for technology. We had our video date night last night and Isabell does the same thing every time. She will look at him every now and then and coo once in awhile but when we decide to sign off, she turns into a monster (but not a bad one) She smiled the biggest smile EVER then continued to tell Daddy quite an emotional story. I have NO clue what she was saying but the drama was hilarious! We were both trying not to laugh too loud because then she would stop talking but I think she was telling her Daddy about her dreams and someone was obviously NOT very nice to her and she wanted her Daddy to take care of business! Next video date . . . I WILL have the video camera in hand to document their conversation.

Christopher sent a few pictures to share, enjoy!

Night Vision

Artwork for Isabell

Always thinkin of his June Bug

Everyone knew he was tagging EVERYTHING with Bugs and laughed when they saw this plane fly in . . Daddy must REALLY love her to do this on an airplane :-)

Something must have been really funny!

My Husband ROCKS!

Christopher seems to be doing ok, not great but just ok. He says it's the same thing day after day and the people are becoming hard to work with but we only have about 2 +/- months left of this deployment and I can't wait for it to be over and I know he feels the same way. It is starting to cool off at night and he didn't say much about the rain so maybe it has finally stopped! He doesn't sleep well at night since when the body stops, the brain continues to roll for hours and hours. He worries about us here but that's his job as a Husband & Daddy, he knows we are doing good but still lays awake wondering and worrying. He hurt his back awhile back and continues to fight the pain and agony. I sent a heating pad and icy hot patches so hopefully those will help a little until he gets home where he can receive proper care for that!

Please continue to pray for him. This isn't the easiest time of the year to be away from family. We both break at times but remind each other that we are almost there, ALMOST!

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