Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Months Old!

Isabell is 3 months old and she is FANTASTIC! Most nights she sleeps all night long, wakes for a snack then right back to sleep. Lately she fights taking a late afternoon nap because she thinks she might miss something that's going on and when I'm feeding her, she will stop and look around like . . . "um guys, I'm busy here, can you please not talk right now"

She LOVES her bath time! I started putting a towel under her head for a nice pad but that only lasts a few minutes because she kicks and kicks until she slides down off the towel and floats. I thought that she would panic and get scared but she just lays there and looks around and splashes! I just keep talking to her and smiling and she only throws a fit when I take her out. After an hour her delicate skin is all pruned up!

The ONLY thing she got from me so far is that she loves her blankie or burpie on her face! She rubs them on her lips and cheeks and her new thing now is licking EVERYTHING!

Still looks 110% like her Daddy!

Watching her first snowfall!

She does have some crazy hair going on! Not much in the front (just like Daddy) and she has a really long patch on the cap of her head that stands straight up and kinda curls too. The tail on the back has been there since birth and she has some very weird swirly spots so not too sure about the hair yet!

Tummy time is becoming fun for her! She loves looking around!

We got her a Bumbo seat and even though her neck isn't holding her head up all the way, all the time, we still practice. Sometimes it only lasts a minute or two but then the next time we try, she'll be content for a long time. Practice makes perfect!

Gotta keep the baby clean, clean, clean!

When she was born I really wanted a onesie or bib or something that had the name of the hospital on it but they had NOTHING! Mom found a teddy bear that was wearing this sweater so there ya go! Can't you tell that she totally loved it!

Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Our lives have forever been changed!

Please continue to pray for Christopher! We have about 2 months left until he returns from his deployment and we are thankful that it's almost over but know that the last hike is the longest!


j said...

darcy and i love looking at and reading your post. we are touched by your story and pray for you guys regularly.

brayden used to do the same thing when i nursed him...he'd stop every time i talked and get frustrated if it was too loud. guess it took total concentration to eat!

i can also relate to the fact that she likes putting things over her face because berlyn does the exact same thing and i even wrote about it today on my post. and we definitely have the crazy hair going on too (the last photo from my "little slice of yummy" post tells it all! 3 month old baby morning bedhead at its finest!)

the first snowfall photo of you and her is beautiful. you definitely have a great eye and i love your photography.

hang in there and stay encouraged! much love to you all.

Kara said...

I can't believe she's 3 months old already!!!
She is beautiful.
And I love her hair. :)