Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Me . . . Isabell

I asked Mommy if I could write about some very important people in my life and she said I could so here I go!

The day after Mommy's birthday Daddy took Mommy, Papa, Nana and Grandma to the doctors office because he wanted to know if I was going to be a boy or a girl . They took some special pictures and found out that I was a beautiful girl! Dr. Levin also told them that something was wrong with my lungs, I had a boo boo on one of them so I would have to get lots and lots of pictures taken while I was growing in Mommy's tummy.

This is Tonna and Dr. H, they are my buddies! They were the 1st ones to check me out at our special doctors office and Dr. H would look at my lungs in 3D AND 4D, Mommy said it was pretty cool! They would take pictures to make sure that my lungs weren't hurting my heart and that I wasn't getting fluid in the wrong places. I scared them a few times but week after week Mommy would lay on those hard beds and they would take pictures over and over again.

When I was born I had to have some weird wires all over my body but at least I got some cool stickers! They had to take more pictures of my insides and I had to stay in a special room for a few days and Mommy wasn't happy about that but knew that I was getting the best care possible. My lungs are ok and everyone keeps telling me that Jesus healed me. Mommy told me that people all around the world were praying that Jesus would put a band-aid on my body and IT WORKED! Jesus must think I am something special because I scared my doctors a few times and they didn't think I was going to be here for you to love but JESUS LOVES ME . . . . THIS I KNOW!

On Friday, Mommy had to go to the Doctors for her 6 week check up and since we were downtown I asked Mommy to take me to see my buddies. Dr. H is a VERY special doctor and he will be my friend for a really long time, isn't he cool!

And Tonna loves me too! She also prayed so much for me and Mommy :-) I got to see her when I was just a few hours old, a few days old and now I'm getting so big!

This is Mary, she is Mommy's Mid-wife and she loves me too! She wasn't there when I was born because she was helping a different Mommy but I will get to see her as I grow too!

WHEW! It is time for me to take my nap but I just wanted to tell you all about my special friends and ask you to pray for them. They have a really hard job since they have to take pictures of babies that have boo boo's like I did and sometimes they have to tell Mommy's and Daddy's bad news too and that would make me cry so I need you to ask Jesus to guide them and keep them strong.

Until next time - Isabell June (Daddy's June Bug)

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lola said...

aw! Cute post. LOVE the little skeleton outfit!