Friday, August 7, 2009


Been a long morning just waiting to hear something . . anything and right when I was falling into La-La Land my phone rings and the caller Id says "Selfridge" I wasn't going to answer it at first because I got that really funny feeling but when I did, I heard . . . "Hi Mamma"

He made it there safely! PRAISE GOD! I'm sure it's going to take a few days for them to get situated but he did say that it wasn't as hot there as it was in Qatar so that's a good thing. Will keep you posted on his status, I'm sure it'll take a few days to get his internet all figured out.

Feeling GREAT today! June Bug (that's what her Daddy calls her) and I got our first post card from him today and even got a beautiful "love gift" from Aunt Patty, its a bright sundress that I will wear this weekend for our 35 week picture . . you got it, 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days to go. Stay in there baby girl, Mommy can't wait to hold you but the earlier you come, the older you will be when Daddy gets home.

Time for me to take a serious nap!

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