Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We got a thumb sucker!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to post about our appointment on Friday, but it wasn't the best news. We had a TOTALLY different ultrasound tech and doctor so that made things really hard . . . our main focus of our appointments is to check Isabell's heart rate, position, measure mass and check for hydrops (buildup of fluid) The doctor didn't know how to measure the way our original doctor did so we don't even know if the measurements were correct but she told us that the mass is bigger, like doubled in size! We decided that we weren't going to totally freak out YET until we see our original doctor and have him measure the way he has been doing it for weeks. This doctor also said she saw what "appears" to be fluid near her heart but it could also be a valve, she said it was hard to tell since Isabell had the hiccups for quite a long time. So now we will just continue to pray and wait for Thursday!

This was the first time we got to see her in 4D and it was amazing! I was really looking closely at every inch of her face and noticed her cheeks moving and said "she's sucking her thumb" but the doctor was quick to correct me and tell me that she is too young for that. After watching her for a few minutes, she agreed with me, see . . . Mommy's know what's up! While she sucks her thumb, she was rubbing her nose with her index finger and her left hand was on her neck/chin area. She looks a little scary in the pictures but that's because she was moving all around. Week by week, as she packs on some fat, she'll look so different and we can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

See I told you, like mother, like daughter!
She is beautiful too of course.
Nana oxoxoxoxoxxoxo

Alissa said...

Keeping you in my prayers for Thursday and praying that it hasn't gotten any bigger. She looks beautiful. Keep us all posted!