Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our weekly update!

Thursday was our big ultrasound day of the week and I felt like crap. Migraine hit the night before so I was vomiting all night and day and Isabell didn't like that AT ALL! We completed her echocardiogram and everything looked wonderful. Her mass measurements decreased from last week so it is SMALLER!

BUT . . . due to me being sick, her heart rate kept going up and down so we were sent over to Labor and Delivery for monitoring.

We were there for about 8 hours and I was scared out of my mind, was I about to have her? I couldn't lay still for a second but knew that I had to just chill out so she would relax and know that she wasn't done cookin yet. Walking out of the hospital was a wonderful feeling and we want to thank everyone for their prayers. Please continue to pray!

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