Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost without him!

Some people take time together for granted and being a new bride to a very dedicated military man . . . listen to me when I tell you to cherish every moment together. This trip, he is only gone for a week but a week seems like months and when he's gone for months, it seems like years. I have so much to do to keep me busy so I can reach the point beyond exhaustion to help me sleep at night but it's not happening. We only talked for a few minutes yesterday and I had to ask a million questions about how he was shooting, feeling, eating, sleeping then had to ask a mill lion questions about how to do this and where do I find this so now I know to have a pen and paper when the phone rings. When you get used to sleeping next to somebody and they aren't there, what are you supposed to do? Maybe I will invent a body pillow thingy that has a heartbeat machine, smells like Old Spice, rolls over on me, and don't forget the snoring too. I'm sure I will come up with something tonight as I toss and turn for hours AGAIN! For now, I must get started on the bathroom. I am finally painting it! Will post pics as I go. "Happy Date Day"

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Anonymous said...

Cherish the days you have!!! ALWAYS remember to not only say I love you daily, but show it too. Never let the day go by without at least one hug.Our men are our treasures, and you got a great one!!!