Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anderson Update!

We are all moved in to the house and now just have to unpack boxes and organize our new space. We have both been working at least 5 days a weeks so don't have a TON of time to get things done but we are working little by little to get it done. We are going away for the weekend and we are both VERY excited. The military has sponsored a Couples Communication Workshop at Crystal Mountain that we will be attending. We will arrive on Friday and have dinner with the rest of the couples then will get up early and have classes all day on Saturday and on Sunday morning too. When we first signed up, everyone thought we were not doing well with the marriage so had to explain that since we haven't even had one single fight (knock on wood) lets get one step ahead and learn NOW. We haven't really had much time to just kick our feet up and relax since the honeymoon so this is our little vacation and it should be fun.

Hayley has started school and of course, doesn't like it at all! She didn't get a chance to come this summer due to the fact that she was in summer school the entire summer. By the time it was over, she only had a few days before her actual school year began so we are totally bummed! We miss her so much and can't wait to see her soon. Keep your grades up kiddo and get your butt to school on time and BEHAVE yourself!!

Gotta get ready for work and looking outside, it's going to be a really hot one AGAIN today!! YAY

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter that all is well in a marriage!! We all need to stay on our toes and learn how to give 110% all the time. Great decision!!!! You wont regret anything except maybe if it were held in Hawaii. Keep on loving hard.