Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow is moving day for the Andersons! We did move most of the apartment to the house but still have a few rather large things and all of our military stuff to move. We are both very excited to finally stop going back and forth from place to place. We have been truly blessed with our house! It's perfect for us right now and probably will be there for quite a long time. All of our really close friends have been around to see us covered in plaster dust, primer, sweat and paint and will be nice to have people over and not have to walk on plastic and sit on boxes. We can proudly say that we only had 2 other people lift paint brushes in our house, other than us and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that we did the work. I did buy a 1-2-3 book from Home Depot for Christopher that has really helped us out and if you need to do something you don't know how to . . . spend the $20 cuz it's worth every penny.

Will continue to post pics!

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Pam said...

Yippee for moving into the new house. It looks AWESOME!! You guys have done some major work and it shows. What a great feeing to have a place to hang your hat huh? Congratulations Andersons!!