Saturday, June 14, 2008


Just wanted to brag a little and I know that Stephanie has been VERY busy lately but since we talk a few times a day on the telephone, I get to hear new words from Alex. Just the other day she handed the phone to him and he counted to 5 and when I said "hi bubba, this is Aunt Kimmy" he said "I LOVE YOU" My eyes were full of tears and I wanted to hug him. Being not so close to family is very hard. Hayley is a few states away, Mom and Papa Caine are less than a hour and the rest are either out of state or at least 2 hours away so you can't just have dinner together whenever you want and sometimes that hits the heart, HARD. Both of our lives have changed so much and so many exciting things are happening . . . so I post my excitement, hoping that our news spreads!!

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