Sunday, May 25, 2008

House Shopping!

This story is pretty amazing . . . we went house shopping on Friday and when we were looking at one that we have had our eyes on for quite some time, a very friendly couple (Keith & ?) approached us and said "you aren't going to buy that house are you?" and we told them that we were thinking about it. After looking at that first house, we drove around the block to find the couple and he was standing outside just waiting for us. He walked us down to a house that he "thought" was for sale because he heard from them that they were thinking about selling their mothers home. She had become very sick and was no longer living there so we really wanted to get in touch with the family. Without getting our hopes up, we left our phone numbers and got a call the next day to walk through the house. Keith met us there with a key in his hand and said lets check it out. When we walked up the drive . . . the son was there and he is the one selling the place. No listing, no sign, nothing!

We walked through the house and found that not only is it a VERY nice home, but that most of the items were going to be sold with the home, including a vehicle! After we got home, we talked about it and called and made them an offer that was less than what they were asking but we figured it was worth a shot, they counter-offered right away and we accepted the price! We have to wait on the inspection and appraisal then it's go time. Due to the fact that we are pre-approved, things could move pretty fast and honestly . . . it's a scary thing but we are excited to begin this new chapter in our lives. PLEASE keep us in your prayers that God will direct and guide us. If this is supposed to work, it will so no stress or worries! Will keep you posted!

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Nana & Papa Schwab said...

Looks like the only thing missing is the white picket fence!!!