Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let It Rain!

We had only been home for a few hours when the rain started.  We closed the windows and were having quiet time when Chris said "what's that noise?"  We BOTH knew it was rain coming into the house and we panicked but went into clean up mode right away!  We had the shop-vac running as fast as it would go!  Emptying it less than a minute after we turned it on . . . it wouldn't stop pouring in!  I called one of my amazing girlfriends and she sent her brothers and husband over help us get the water out of the basement.  Without hesitation, they pulled the hose inside and got to work right away! I could NOT believe how much water was coming in and how much they were sucking out!  We cleaned up as much as we could but they had much bigger problems ahead so they headed out for probably the longest few days of their lives!
I woke up in the morning and HAD to get out of the house for a bit, I needed to check on one of our dear friends who also had water in their basement and I wanted to capture some pictures also!  I didn't have to drive far to see devastation and hopelessness from so many people.  People were carrying things out to the side of the rode that had been damaged, did they not have insurance?  My heart broke!  How could I complain about water in my basement when others lost so much?  We have insurance that will take care of things so for that, I am thankful! 
Please pray for everyone affected by all the rain . . PLEASE! 

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