Thursday, May 15, 2014


School just ended for the year
The weather hasn't been the greatest for the past few days
Mommy is "off" due to dates of the month ;-)
Daddy has been working with no days off
Girls allergies are acting up
SOOOO . . . . . 

It was time to get out of the house, rain or not!
We met one of my girlfriends and her kids and watched Rio 2.  The kids seemed to be entertained and liked the movie but mine became restless as nap time hit RIGHT before the movie ended.  After the movie, we took the kids to celebrate National Cookie Day by getting a miniature Nestle Toll House Cookie of course!  Then they ran around the outside mall for awhile and burned off some sugar and were EXCELLENT forms of birth control for all the couples walking around too ;-)

Once we got home, they weren't ready to go inside, despite the temperature dropping drastically!  They were SOAKING wet but were having a blast dancing in the rain!

We came inside, took a bath, read a book and it was BEDTIME!  It was just one of those days here but we laughed and everyone besides myself is currently snoring!

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