Sunday, August 11, 2013

Only 1 person!

I am only 1 person, there is only so much I can accomplish in a 24 hour day!  This past week my phone has been ringing ALL DAY, receiving text messages and emails ALL DAY and I broke for a moment...I am mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted!  I have talked many hours with my husband and have prayed and now, I am still exhausted BUT know that people reach out because they need me, they trust me to help them and guide them.  I don't have a college certificate that allows me to do this full time with a paycheck but maybe this is what God wants me to help, to try to make a difference, to be a good example for others.  

Others don't understand why I do what I do.  They don't understand because they don't take the time to understand and to be around long enough either.  Instead they point fingers and try to make me look like a bad person because they don't take time to try.  My #1 focus is my girls and my husband..I take my vows very seriously and on our wedding day, we left our parents and created our new lives together.  That does NOT mean that we don't love our families, it means that we create our own family, within the walls of our own home.  Sorry to brain hurts and so many emotions flowing...just try your best in life to be there, to offer help, to pray for others, to try and understand others actions and words, to create new memories, to forgive, to not hold grudges and to love..unconditionally because life is just too short!

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Amanda Schrieber said...

keep doing what you are doing kim. i went to school and earned the degrees, yet i am just a stay-at-home mom who doesn't "work" outside the home to earn any extra income, (and have a pile of student loans that still exist). however, i don't regret any of it because i know God is using me to speak truth and encouragement into others (even in small ways) and this is worth far more than any paycheck! our lives are about purpose. and degrees and money won't meaning anything when we leave this side of eternity. but, the life we live and the legacy we leave behind will be everlasting. keep allowing God to use you to help and encourage others. your rewards will come...maybe not until you reach heaven, but keep storing them up there where they will last! being pulled in all directions can be exhausting at times, and you'll enter seasons in which you may have to pare back a bit, but God will lead the right people to you at the right time. it's not the quantity of people, but the quality of heart and love you put into those people in your path. and yes, of course, your family of four comes first. don't feel guilty about this. i have struggled with this in the past as well, due to judgment from others. but sometimes, even the "good" and "helpful" things we do can compromise the health of our home if we overload ourselves. so keep your focus and priorities balanced, and remember that boundaries are important. and above all things, pray! pray! pray! and make your relationship with the Lord your first and foremost priority...everything else will fall into place. live like you have an audience of One. His opinion is the only one that truly matters. be encouraged!