Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We set the alarm clock for 4:00 am yesterday and left the house to send off a group of friends for a few long months.  My heart was heavy and I was bawling inside . . this could have been me saying "see ya" to my husband.  This could have been me parenting alone . . this could have been me but God had other plans for us.  For months, we have prayed that God would continue to lead us and keep us strong, no matter the decision.  He would either be gone for months and we could save up quite a bit of money, or we could have him here with us, and pray that God will continue to provide for our family.  Doors were open and doors were slammed shut and I am very thankful that it wasn't me, it wasn't us.  

Please keep these friends in your daily prayers!  Most of them are deployed for the very first time so the emotions are going to be crazy but prayers help ease the pain!

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