Friday, May 17, 2013

Life isn't always perfect!

Some things in life are hard to do and I am still learning that.  We had to make a difficult decision this past week concerning a very close friend and although that friendship may never be the same, my husband agreed with me and had my back on all decisions made.  Feelings were hurt and things were said that needed to be said and some day this friend may thank us, but for now, is mad!  As a woman, it is hard to express exactly how I feel about situations because I don't want to be "that girl" and I do NOT like "drama" but this was different.  I was able to talk to my husband and he listened and offered advice.  He always listens but I know he was actually hearing me and yes . . there is a HUGE difference!  I cried and was scared and that made the protector side of my husband come out because "no one scares my wife"  Although it was a hard decision, it was what was best for us, for them, and for now!  

Don't ever second guess your decisions because you could ultimately be saving someones life!

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