Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend at my parents!

We run in circles!
 We get nice and messy!
 We play with cousins!
 We jump on the bed because Papa said we could!
 We play games!
 We beg to go outside and help work!
 We learn new things!
 We work too hard!
We pull teeth!
 We celebrate birthdays!
 We act silly!
 We play with new toys!
 We share!
 We run around in circles some more!
ALL of us kids were at Mom & Dads and it was loud and crazy but we had a good time.  We spent some much needed time with Matt, Carly and River before they depart to Alaska.  Matt is on his way there now so if you could please keep him in your prayers for safe travels, we would ALL appreciate it!

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