Friday, December 14, 2012

Did we bribe her? YES we did!

Isabell has been doing fantastic with the potty training.  Only had a few accidents when we first started on this journey but the "poop" part was NOT easy.  I printed out this chart for her and she got to fill in a square each time the mission was completed.  When Chris left for school he told her that if she filled up her chart and had NO accidents, he was taking her shopping for anything she wanted.
Off we went to Toys R Us with a list that had pictures of about 10 things on it.  She had to find everything on the list and she remembered each and every little thing without even looking at it.  She put a few things in the cart and then had to make a decision to only get one thing that she really wanted to take home for her prize! 
Her items ranged from $70-$20 and what does she pick?  A $20 prize that she LOVES so much!  Did we bribe her?  YES we did?  Did it work?  ABSOLUTELY!

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