Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Q & A

Lately, I have been asked many questions so here ya go!

Q: Do you miss being in the military?
A: Sometimes I do but my husband does a great job serving so I will leave it up to him now

Q:  Are you afraid that he will be deployed again?
A:  Afraid is NOT the word!  I KNOW that it could happen so we are prepared.  We talk about it TOGETHER and with our girls and personally, I would rather him go now, when they are young (not trying to push him out the door but I just think it would be easier to explain and understand while they are younger)

Q: Do you enjoy being a stay at home wife/mom?
A: NOPE!  I LOVE it! I can't imagine getting a text message saying "she walked" or "she pooped on the potty" from the daycare.  We do what we have to do now so I can raise the girls the best I can.

Q: Did you plan baby#2?
A:  Having sex means that you CAN make a baby so did we PLAN it? NO, did we prevent it? NO Do we regret how close they are in age? NO WAY!

Q: How do you get your girls to sleep all night long?
A:  We lay them in their beds!  (it's really that simple . . . sometimes)

Q: How did you find a babysitter?
A:  I asked some of my MOPS friends and she was highly recommended and the girls love her so much!

Q: Are we going to be hearing about baby #3 anytime soon?
A:  Not in my household!

Q:  Do you guys plan on staying in the house you are in now?
A:  If you saw the blood, sweat and tears we my husband has put into this house, then you wouldn't want to leave either.  Do I want something bigger?  I don't enjoy cleaning that much so no.

Q:  Does Isabell have to have check-ups for the Pulmonary Sequestration she had?
A:  No.  She had surgery to remove it and after tests, her surgeon said she is clear and hopes to never see her in his office again!

That's all for now folks . . hope I answered all of your questions (figured this would be easier than replying to 100 different emails with the same answers)

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