Thursday, May 24, 2012

8 Months Old!

This post has taken so long to write as I am now chasing not only a toddler but also a VERY active crawler too!  Emma is 8 months old, weighing in at 18 pounds 1 ounce and 2 feet 3 inches tall!  Growing like a weed but maybe because this child LOVES food!  She still nurses but eats some baby food and anything else we put in front of her.  She doesn't even check it out, it goes from the tray to her mouth in SECONDS!  She goes to bed around 9 and wakes anywhere from midnight - 3 am for a snack then back down until 9'ish!  She has outgrown her swing but enjoys jumping in her jumper and sometimes takes a nap there or she has finally found a love for naps in her own bed . . . imagine that!  She is giving Isabell a run for her money as she wants to play with everything her big sissy plays with, not an easy task teaching her to share with her or that sissy is too little to play squinkies with her, but slowly, days are getting easier!  We spend so much time outside and we are getting an addition to our yard soon . . . completely fenced yard and a swing set from the girls Uncle Joe & Aunt Roxanne!  I cant' wait!!!  Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and watching my girls grow up.  I know that I don't have the power to stop time so I am soaking every second up that I can!

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