Monday, April 30, 2012

Emma's Check Up

Friday morning I woke up and got ready to take Emma to her check up at the doctors office.  Chris was staying home to play with Isabell because it was just a routine appointment, shouldn't take long!  Weighing in at 17 pounds 14 ounces and 28 inches long . . . she is right on track! 

Her doctor started bending and twisting and looking in her ears, nose and mouth then went on to check her heart. He listened for a moment then listened a little more. He said "hold on to her, I will be right back"   When he came back in the room with the other doctors from the practice, my knees started to shake a little. I have met them before so no introduction was needed but they all started listening to her heart. They weren't saying anything, just looking at each other and listening some more and at this point I am already crying because I knew something wasn't right!  We don't really know what is going on other than they are concerned with a few things so we are going to meet with the Cardiology team at Children's Hospital on May 11th!  I am scared out of my mind but remembering that I am NOT in control of this situation!  Please pray for peace right now as we don't know what is going on with Emma.  It is going to be a long few weeks until her appointment so trying to stay calm is not the easiest task on earth!

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Andi said...

always in my prayers...she will be okay....God takes especially good care of good people..hugs..