Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is a good day!

TODAY is a good day!  I woke up without a headache/migraine and we headed to MOPS!  I have been really struggling with my migraines lately and if you have ever had one then you know what I mean when I say that it is so hard to function sometimes.  I am going to a Osteopathic Center on the 9th to try some new things to help with them because I seem to be getting them more frequently and I am just frustrated at this point!

The girls are doing fantastic!  Emma has found her voice and loves to sing, even when there are times I am afraid the windows are all going to break, she thinks it's funny!  She is still a very happy baby about 95% of the day but when she is hungry . . . she is HUNGRY!  Isabell is a wonderful big sister!  We have been asking a few thousand times a day for her to use her big girl words because she is grunting instead of talking but it is what it is, if this is what they call regression due to a new baby, I can handle it.  She is telling us when she is wet or stinky so we are "trying" to use the potty.  We are NOT going to pressure her to do it, she will get sick of those Huggies eventually! 

Chris is still working like a dog, here and at his full time job.  He will be taking a class 2 nights a week in a few months so I try to remind him to just enjoy his time with the girls now, the projects and SOME of the things on the "to do list" can wait!  Before we know it they will be in school so cherishing every second we can!  Here are a few pictures of the girls:

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather . . . it is 40' here in Michigan! 

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