Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here are both girls at 4 months old:
Isabell at 4 months (2010) = 14 lbs 4 oz, 25 3/4 inches long
Emma at 4 months = 15 lbs, 26 1/4 inches long
Not only do they not look alike, they are VERY different babies!  Isabell looks like her Daddy and Emma looks like Mommy!  We love them both soooo much and we have so much fun together, even when they are both crying!
Miss Emma is our little thumb sucker!  She does use her paci once and awhile but especially when she is tired, the thumb goes in the mouth and the eyes close.  She loves to sleep and just started sleeping all night long!  Last night she woke up around 4 am and was starving to death so she had a little snack and went right back to sleep!
Emma is such a happy baby!  We have found that from about 6 pm - 7:30'ish she wants to be held . . . end of discussion!  She loves to cuddle and we are cherishing these times when she wants to be close to us!  She is wearing size 1 diapers but we are soon moving to 2's.  I broke out some of her 6-9 month clothes ALREADY because she just seems so much bigger than Isabell was at this age!  Everything seems so different the second time around!  She has rolled from her back to her tummy 2 times and loves to be in her jumper!  Daddy and Nana have gotten some great giggles out of her and they come all the way from her toes and boy oh boy does she talk!  Her doctor suggested that we start her on cereal and if you look at the previous post . . . you will get an idea on how that went for her!
Life is good . . . God is good!

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