Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Dear Emma . .

Dear Sweet Pea ~ Mommy can NOT believe you are already 3 months old!  You are growing so fast!  You smile all the time and Nana got you to giggle this past weekend!  Everyone says you look like Mommy and that melts my heart!  You talk, talk, talk all the time and I say that you are just trying to keep up with the rest of us!  You are such a good sleeper and last night marked night #2 of you not only putting yourself to sleep BUT you slept ALL NIGHT LONG!  You are wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 1 diapers!  You learned how to drink from a bottle so Daddy can feed you sometimes but you are still getting the best of the best from Mommy!  You don't let Mommy eat pizza or onions right now but it's all worth it! 

I feel bad when I try to remember your sissy at this age because I don't remember much, I have to ask Nana since I stayed there with sissy because Daddy was on "vacation"  When she was your age, Mommy had a fuzzy brain but we will explain all of that when you girls are all grown up!  You melt your Daddy's heart and guess what?  He isn't afraid to break you anymore!  Your sissy likes to share with you (for now) and is very gentle with you and she can't wait for you to join in on our family dance parties! 

Keep melting hearts baby-girl!!!!

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