Friday, November 4, 2011

Our lazy little bee!

There are a few words you don't say in our house unless you are have your shoes on, coat on, and ready to walk out the door!  We don't say "OUTSIDE" or "GO FOR A WALK" or "GO BYE BYE" but when we said it on Halloween, Isabell just took her time getting ready!  We packed up a few of her favorite things in the wagon and started our adventure.  We thought she would want to get out and go say hi and walk with Daddy but every time she started off walking, she would turn around and say "I wanna ride" so our lazy little bee did go trick or treating but Daddy pulled her most of the way, yes . . even up to doorsteps!

* * Emma was with us too but I was wearing her in the Moby and she stayed nice and warm all night long!

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