Friday, November 4, 2011

He has magical powers!

Once again, I had a horrible day battling with a migraine!  This time, I didn't get ANY notice one was coming, it hit me like a brick wall!  Thankfully it was nap time for Isabell and Emma was already out so I just laid down for about an hour.  When I woke up, it was worse and I started vomiting!  I asked Chris to come home from work because I was having a hard time even standing on my own two feet and thankfully, he was able to get here fast!  I tried to sleep for a little while longer but knew we had to make some decisions because I wasn't getting any relief.  Breastfeeding puts limits on what I can take for the pain and I wasn't even keeping water down so it was time to head to the hospital!  Emma had never taken a bottle and I was leaving her with Daddy . . . I was worried!  I knew she wouldn't starve, eventually she would give in and just eat but it still wasn't easy walking out the door!  I sat at the hospital for a few hours, just long enough to take the edge off and was instructed to go home and rest!  This is what I came home to see . . .

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