Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A view through Daddy's eyes . . . a story through Mommy's!

Monday (September 5th) I probably slept for about 1 hour all night long and woke up EARLY on Tuesday (September 6th) not feeling the greatest.  Having more and more contractions but nothing that would send me off to the hospital, not yet anyways.  Christopher woke up at 3:30 am for work and asked if I wanted him to stay home and I told him to go to work but keep his phone close!  Once he pulled out the driveway, I knew I probably should have just told him to stay here with me because I thought my water had broken (I didn't even know it did with Isabell).  I don't know what time it was but I text him and told him he should probably head this way sooner than later then called the neighbor to have her come down to be here when Isabell woke up so she wouldn't be scared and wonder what was going on.  Once Chris got home, we packed up a quick bag for Isabell and Miss Nichole and Allison were here playing cars and reading books bright and early.  We headed downtown Detroit, taking our time due to rush hour traffic but not driving slow because the contractions were picking up by now.  When we arrived at the hospital they checked to see if in fact my water did break . . IT DID NOT!  I was dilated and having contractions so they admitted me.  When we got into our room we went for a walk and then I got into the shower for what seemed like hours and that felt wonderful. 
I took a nap and had to figure out what positions felt best to comfortably control the contractions I was experiencing.  Dozing in and out and munching on ice chips while listening to my "labor" play list on my ipod (I love music so it kept me pretty calm)
At times, all I could do is smile and YES it was forced!  The socks were a "MUST HAVE" on my packing list because during the labor process with Isabell I felt like I was sweating from head to toe and my legs were hard to hold on to, plus I had to make my own fashion statement at the hospital! 
The ultrasound tech came in and remeasured the baby to make sure she was in position still and told us that we were looking at a big baby, we already knew that and it didn't scare me.  Isabell was 8 lbs 2 oz so I knew my body was able to do what it needed to do but they thought this time, she was going to be a tad larger!
Our friend/photographer called and was already downtown Detroit taking some engagement photo's so he decided he was going to stop in and see how things were going.  Jim and Christopher chatted and we watched the Tigers game.  My nurse told me that she thought it was going to be around 2 am before I deliver so we told Jim that he didn't have to stick around because at that time it was about 8:30 pm.  I only had a few hours to hold off so the girls would share the same birthday and that was my plan until 9:10 pm!

The on-call Doctor came in to see how I was progressing and I was almost there.  They told me to try to relax as much as possible and let them know if and when I started feeling pressure.  Christopher was pacing back and forth and Jim was looking over his camera and taking a few shots here and there.  A few minutes later, I felt different, lots of pressure and my body was acting like I needed to push . . already?  The Doctor came back in and checked me and called my OB (Dr. Aguin) and told her she should probably make her way in but not to drive under the speed limit, I was told to cross my legs because she would be there in 10 to 15 minutes.  I closed my eyes and started swaying back and forth while keeping my legs closed tight because I thought she was going to come before Dr. Aguin arrived.  It was VERY important to us to have her there since she delivered Isabell as a 3rd year resident and was my primary OB during this pregnancy and my comfort level with her was AMAZING!  I was bound and determined to keep her in there for as long as I could.  Next thing I know, she comes running in and my room began to fill with nurses, Doctors and students and I couldn't wait any longer. 

I started pushing . . 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - DEEP BREATH - AGAIN!

Christopher said I pushed 16 times in 18 minutes and out she came!  She was nice and pink, screaming and BEAUTIFUL!  It is hard to put into words how you feel at that exact moment.  I was overcome with joy and happiness and the room was filled with tears, she was here! 
Dr. Aguin was AMAZING, the rest of the staff was AMAZING, Christopher was AMAZING, our birth experience was AMAZING and I felt AMAZING!
We weren't overwhelmed with visitors, we had quality time to spend just the 3 of us, getting to know each other and having lots of snuggle time. 
I was emotional being away from Isabell for her 2nd birthday but she really didn't have a clue what was going on that specific day so we made plans to celebrate when we got home.  I had no need to stay in the hospital this time so when we were given the all clear, we had to wait for Emma to have a few tests then we wanted to pack up and head home!  We continued to receive the best care at the hospital.  My nurses weren't in our room every 10 minutes, they let us enjoy our time and if I needed anything, all I had to do is push a button!  We were placed into a suite that was located at the end of the hallway so didn't have a million people passing by, it was nice and quiet! 
We want to thank you all for your love, support and prayers!  Our friends and family have been there for us and to say "THANK YOU" just doesn't seem like enough.  We are home, as a family of 4 and life is good . . . GOD IS GOOD!

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