Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Morning!

This post may be a little too much information for some because it's about breastfeeding so you have been warned, click on the little red "x" on the right if you don't care to read any further!

I am sure that I am not the only woman on earth that had worries that her milk may not come in or that your baby may not latch on and breastfeeding is very important to me so I worried, a lot.  When Emma was born, she latched on within 30 minutes of her arrival and that has NEVER been a problem for her.  We got home and once we got situated and I relaxed, it was like I hit a brick wall, head on!  My milk came in FAST!  I tried hot showers, cold compress, pumping and breastfeeding and NOTHING was easing the pain or releasing the milk.  I panicked, thinking that if I don't get that milk expressed, I would not be able to feed my baby!  Thankfully, my Mom was here and reassured me to just give it time, it will do what it needs to do but it will continue to be painful but it will be ok, in time.  She was right!  It took another 24 hours or so of me not being able to really lift my arms much, running a fever and praying and then like that brick wall came, it knocked itself down!  That same day I received my new breast pump in the mail and it is AMAZING!  For any Mothers to be or currently breastfeeding Mothers, I got the Medela Freestyle and it is FANTASTIC, save your pennies because it is worth it (in my opinion)

I am exclusively breastfeeding but having to pump after each feeding and sometimes in between feedings too because we got us a good sleeper :-)  I think we finally have the hang of things, as far as breastfeeding goes and after 12 days since birth, this is what we have: 
Don't give up if you get frustrated, remind yourself that it is so worth it.  Your children will thank you someday!!!


Jenn said...

WOW that's a lot of extra milk! :O You Go Momma!

I only breastfed Holden and he would never take a bottle. I never had the need to express my milk since I was a SAHM and it was well, just plain easier.

Good job Kimmy! breastfeeding was such a wonderful thing for Holden ..... makes me wish I had done it with Ashton.

TrinaMae said...

You should see our freezer and the freezer in the garage.
THe only way we will run out is a power outage.
Glad your pain is gone. Those boobies can be so sensative when they get full.

TrinaMae said...

Our freezer and the freezer in the garage are stocked too. The only shortage I forsee is in the event of a power outage.
Glad your pain is gone. Those boobies can be sensative.